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In 1975 in a little country town in North Carolina I was given life. At the age of two, my father chose to enroll in the military and my mom wanted to pursue her own dreams and joined job core which lead her to Nashville TN. My mother worked her tail off trying to achieve the American dream. I had nothing until I got involved with recreational activities. But how I got involved in athletics is the True Life story. I was out playing with my friends in the neighborhood, and a man noticed us. I later learned that he was in the area trying to find some tough boys for his baseball team. This man, who did not know me, saw something in me, and decided in that moment to invest in what he saw. He talked my mom into letting me play for him and provided me with everything. He came and picked me up for practice, paid any fees required, and most importantly set me on a path that years later led to college!!! I went to college because a someone I didn't know invested me. How powerful is that? Since that moment, sports has always been an influential factor in my life. It taught me many life lessons, took me many places, and brought me friends and coaches that I will be bonded with for life.


A few years back, after my game days were over, I found myself in a job that had me away from home. I would fly in on weekends to see my family. My son was just starting on his own sports journey, and I found myself only having time on the drive to his game, to give him my prep talk and go over some key points, watch his game, and then off again.  I was lucky that my first experience with a coach was a great one. Having played high school and college football I did know a thing or two about what my son needed to learn at his young age, but not being around Monday through Friday, not participating or even watching practice, I realized that I was at the coaches mercy on what was being taught to my son. I was very successful at my job, and excelled at what I did, however, in the back of my mind, I knew I missing out on watching my children grow and develop. And not being there, I could not control who was developing them.


While managing a Fortune 500 Corporation, I had to make a True Life decision! After a short debate with myself I arranged a meeting with the VP of my company in Miami and explained that there was no price tag on being with my children, and consequently moved back to Nashville transferring to a lesser position. The price of being home exceeded the amount lost in revenue.



Upon returning I really became hands on when it came to my son and his development. I quickly transitioned from a concerned dad to a coach on the football field. What I discovered was that my involvement and investment was a crucial part of his success. See, there is more to success than the two hours a day that they get from practice.


During my first year of coaching I met many kids, just like my son, putting in work to get better. I quickly realized that now I had become the coach that parents trusted to teach and grow and develop their children. All children and their families come from different back grounds, and have different qualities that they bring to the table. Each child also has unique challenges that need to be addressed. As I start really talking to these kids, and really talking to their parents I start to realize that there is a recipe for success for each of them, they just need different ingredients mixed together to reach them. Unfortunately, this is not what they receive by just showing up.


As I took in all this I realized that every single person here is here for a different reason, and has unique expectations from this experience. No wonder why so many parents become let down, and upset from the product they receive. The coach is a volunteer, who has no possible idea or ability to make every one of these people satisfied.

I can't stand to see kids, parents, and coaches time being wasted. There is so much effort into getting kids focused on the right thing!

This is when True Life began. It began as an idea to create a platform that could help address issues with real life scenarios. To evaluate each individual child and their specific needs, and then put the correct people in place to support them. I belive it truly takes a village, let True Life be that village.


With the help from every adult and kid that know me, we have created this great corporation that is designed to put children and parents in the best possible environment to succeed. Let's notice these kids out here who are just waiting for someone to give them a chance. A chance to grow, and learn, and be safe. A chance to not choose the streets, and a chance to believe enough in themselves that they to can make it to college and beyond!!!!! 

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