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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


This scripture really sums up the vision , founder Gary Barnes has for his unique Nashville non-profit, True Life Sports. .  This organization gives the youth in our community a great way to hone their football skills and team building that will help them in their life’s journey.  

Gary's passion for True Life is infectious and will get you amped to either want your child involved or to volunteer your own time in helping him make a difference.

Growing up without a father in his life has really been a huge motivation. He knows that all youth need strong men in their lives and that is what True Life Sports strives to do.  

Becoming a father himself, Gary was further inspired to start True Life Sports when he began showing his own son how to play the game he loved, football.  As a dad he tried to stay on the sidelines but realized his son needed his help. With his help his son started to get better and other parents from the team noticed the great improvements. He began to help the other youth athletes as many of the parents were not sure how to help their kids get to the next level, in the right summer camp program, etc.

This was the spark he needed to start making smarter decisions to continue helping these youth progress and True Life Sports was born.

"The goal is to connect each one of the youth in our program to the right mentors in whatever they express interest or need help with. The organization is a roladex of professionals, mentors and organizations in the city that believe in their mission."

Coach Gary Barnes

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