True Life Sports sets out to benefit youth through sports and education.
Our mission is to network youth, parents, coaches, teachers, and volunteers to provide an entire community of support, for youth development and growth in every aspect of life. Everyone can relate to the challenges that life hands us every day. For youth, this can be especially difficult. They deal with multiple stresses coming at them from every direction. The goal is to help them though the difficult transition years while avoiding negative influences as a way out.
This is accomplished through providing a safe environment for children to learn values such as self-esteem, team work, leadership, sportsmanship and physical and mental toughness. 
By putting youth in contact with positive functions such as sport teams, volunteer programs, academic tutoring, and community projects, youth and parents alike, can be involved with bettering themselves as well as their communities. 
The youth and families that we work with come from various backgrounds and neighborhoods. We all have something to teach each other. Every member brings unique insight and challenges to the organization. 
In addition to providing the highest quality of coaching and skill development, our ambition is aimed toward keeping the youth of today in the classroom and steered away from negative influences. This is essential in the growth and development of each individual in the program.
Come out today and see what value True Life can add to your student athletes life!!!
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